Australian Dollars in Bronze

Hanson's meticulous recreation-again, through painstaking casting techniques-of an imposing pile of neatly-tied bundles of bills is his most head-on critique of contemporary vales. It is also his most daringly literal embodiment of them. Going one better than PoP Art's consumer objects as subjects-fast food and brand names-Hanson gives 3D visual form to the medium itself of consumerism: hard cash. This work dovetails with Post-modern critique of art itself turned commodity (eg Jenny Holzer, Louise Lawler, Allan McCollum). The stack of bills suggest the extravagant sums, the investment value, associated with the work of art. Here, the market value of art replaces and even becomes the image itself, simultaneously seducing the eye while critiquing the system.

Hanson's eye-catching images are patinaed bronze sculpture cast from real life objects. Rich in visual, tactile and emotional appeal, each stands for and speaks of an entire system of contemporary values. For all their mesmerizing realism, their chief charge comes from the ideas they embody.