American Frontier Mailbag

Hanson's eye-catching images are patinaed bronze sculpture cast from real life objects. Rich in visual, tactile and emotional appeal, each stands for and speaks of an entire system of contemporary values. For all their mesmerizing realism, their chief charge comes from the ideas they embody.

Hanson's sculpture of a roomy antique leather mail pouch stands as the prototype for today's vast array of technologically sophisticated systems of communication. It evokes a whole history of communications and calls attention to itself as a moment in that history. One in fact already superceded. Scarred with the marks of time and the use which leather retains, however it also seems to tell a more personal history of its individual life-span. And since the mail pouch also functions as a mailbox, it possesses an interactive dimension which further personalizes our relation to it. Originally designed with the artist Topher Delaney this bag was used as the artist's real mailbox at his home in California.

This piece was a collaboration with Topher Delaney.