American Bronze Cowboy Boots

As we know from his famous picture of peasant footwear, Van Gogh knew the power of the image of shoes. So, in a way, does Scott Hanson.

Last American Cowboy speaks of the American West, the frontier… of all the freedom and rough and ready individualism, which that reality and that myth, conjure. One upright, the other
fallen to the side, their casual arrangement makes them an active surrogate or stand-in for their owner. They evoke a cowboy leaning idly, or relaxing provocatively, thumbs in pockets, against a fence, a bar room wall, however your fantasy identifies and places him.

Last American Cowboy creates a powerful combination of the ethic of an honest day’s work and the masculine sex-appeal of the rugged outdoors.

Each individual hand sewn-sewn stitch, each delicately tooled line and crease, even the evidence of resoling intensifies the presence of the work. The glowing patina of the bronze tells of years of careful cleaning and waxing. The intricately recreated inside lining of the boot completes the illusion. Hanson’s work once again transcends realism.